Audi Q7 Spare Tire

Audi Q7 Spare Tire

With many vehicle manufacturers removing the option for a spare tire, the EZ Spare Wheel was created to provide an aftermarket solution for this growing problem. EZ Spare has created a durable and safe alloy wheel designed to fit Audi Q7 vehicles while providing convenience and safety.

This compact size spare wheel and tire saves overall space and is very similar to the spares that most vehicle manufacturers equipped vehicles with in the past. Intended only to be used temporarily in the event of a flat tire, this spare permits drivers to continue their travels to their destination or to a service provider to repair or replace the vehicle’s damaged tire.

A 175/70R20 spare size is within the accepted tolerance range for temporary use with 2017-2023 Audi Q7 OEM tire diameters.

The 20″ spare wheel will not interfere with the brake or suspension system, regardless of the OEM wheel option. The vehicle can have a different wheel size than the spare, which will still work properly. The spare wheel size and tire diameter have both been taken into consideration.

Best Rin-Flat alternative, space saver tire for Audi Q7

Not sure how to install your EZ Spare tire? Click here for step-by-step instructions.

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