20" EZ Spare Wheel

20" EZ Spare Wheel

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Note: The 20 inch wheel comes in 2 variations. Part #25075-109 is needed for some large sedans, larger SUV’s, and some vehicles with large calipers like a Mercedes Benz with AMG wheels. Part #25085-119 is a 20” tire used for Porsche vehicles, high performance sports cars with larger calipers and some Jeep and Dodge cars.

The 20” universal spare wheel and full size tire for 5 lug vehicles was engineered to be used as a temporary spare for many types of vehicles. This 20” wheel and tire will allow for traveling at normal speed limits and is commonly used by consumers who purchased a vehicle that was not equipped with a spare tire. It is also used by roadside assistance service operators when servicing flat tires when the consumer has no spare. This wheel and tire was engineered for commercial use and can be used hundreds of times, however, a consumer whose vehicle requires a larger spare tire and wheel would be very satisfied with this sleekly designed, safe wheel and tire.


Tire Size Diameter Weight Max psi Max Load Speed Rating
195/55R20 28.4” x 7.7” 55 lbs 42 psi 1660 lbs/Wheel 55 mph


A limited lifetime warranty up to 10 years on the structure of the wheel with conditional usage. We guarantee the wheel is free of defects and faulty workmanship. The Toyo tire is guaranteed to be free of Manufacturers defects and faulty workmanship and the specific warranty details are located on this website under the warranty section. Tires used as temporary spare tires do not carry mileage warranties by any Manufacturer, however is a quality tire that can be used hundreds of times for temporary use.