EZ Spare wheel- 20” Wheel Testing Certification. Please click the below link to view the certification details:

9W091 5E119 WFS Confirmation

9W091 5E109 WFS Confirmation

EZ Spare is committed to consumer safety. Prior to deploying our products in 2013 our founder sought the assurances of Europe’s premier wheel testing company (TÜV) that our wheel was as safe as the original wheels manufactured for the vehicle. The results speak for themselves as our wheel was tested for durability, longevity, side impact and cornering without compromising safety for the consumer. Our universal spare wheel passed every test and was confirmed safe.

Also, our tires meet or exceed Department of Transportation standards set for tires deployed on passenger vehicles in the US.

Our DOT ID is 28972-IOU

Download TÜV Tests

To enter the US markets, the EZ Spare team sought the expertise of the United States largest and most reputable OEM testing facility, Independent Test Services (ITS), located outside Detroit, Michigan to confirm our products’ safety and durability. ITS was asked to perform the same tests as TÜV but measured against standards as prescribed by the Society of Engineers and the Department of Transportation for wheels deployed in the US. Like TÜV, the wheels were tested for radial fatigue, cornering fatigue, side impact and load capacity. Our universal spare wheel passed every test and was confirmed safe.

Download ITS Tests