10-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We commit to ensuring that the EZ Spare Wheel fits your vehicle for driving purposes. However, compatibility with your vehicle’s trunk or storage compartment is not guaranteed.
We would recommend that you verify the dimensions of your storage space before making a purchase. After entering your vehicle details, you can find the dimensions of our spare wheels in the Specifications section on our product page.

Storage Compatibility

As vehicle manufacturers do not provide storage area dimensions, we cannot assure that the EZ Spare Wheel will fit perfectly in your vehicle’s designated wheel well or storage area.

Refunds for Storage Incompatibility

If the spare wheel is incompatible with your storage area and you wish to return it, you must request and receive approval for the return.
Upon approved return, a restocking fee of $100 will be applied, which will be deducted from your refund to cover the customization and expenses incurred by EZ Spare Wheel.

Return Shipping Costs

The customer is responsible for all shipping charges when returning the spare wheel to EZ Spare Wheel.

For a smooth return process, please follow our guidelines and obtain return authorization from our customer service team.
1 (800) 941-9302