EZ Spare Wheel LLC, based in Atlanta, Georgia, is the exclusive distributor for the EZ Spare wheel line of products in the US, Canada, Mexico, and South America. Our unique line of various types of universal wheels serves many segments of the automotive services industry.

EZ Spare Wheel founders Tom Morris and Ginny Nye have been in the wheel repair & distribution industry since 2000 when Tom founded Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists and it grew into a $100 million/annually global franchise business. AWRS was sold to private equity in late 2015 and the two set out on a mission to find an automotive global enterprise where unique products were needed and would make a difference in the day to day lives of those who purchased their products. With their vast experience in the distribution business, the need for universal wheels and spare wheels quickly emerged on their radar. The auto body industry needed wheels to move vehicles around a shop and consumers needed spares since many OEM’s discontinued equipping many vehicles with spare wheels/tires.

Since launching the EZ Spare line of products in 2020, EZ started selling its unique concept to Roadside Assistance Service Providers and independent operators using its patented and trademarked Easy Fit System. Prior to 2020, the universal spare was primarily used by European roadside assistance providers when their customers experienced a flat-tire no spare emergency event. The universal spare prevented the customer from being towed and disrupting their day-to-day life, and they were able to get to their destination. Immediately, the EZ Spare team realized the consumer demand for a safe and quality spare wheel and tire for specific vehicles. Our e-commerce platform was launched and EZ Spare wheel began selling direct fit spare wheels of many makes and models to retail consumers, dealerships, and tire stores. EZ changed the universal spare wheel into a direct fit spare with one specific bolt pattern, based on a vehicle’s model and tire size. Since early 2020, we have helped thousands of retail consumers be safe and eliminate their fears of being stranded without a car.

The Company has launched the new line of universal wheels for commercial use, EZ Rollers and EZ Roller-Spinners, unique thermo-plastic wheels, primarily used by collision shops to move vehicles through the repair process when their wheels/tires have been removed and by towing companies for theft recovery. The new EZ Roller-Spinner won “Best New Product” at SEMA in 2021 and allows an automotive shop or towing company to move vehicles that have lost power, or their brakes have seized or is locked in park. The receptivity of all our thermo-plastic product line has led us to create more new innovative solutions the industry has not yet experienced. We are dedicated to providing quality products to every customer we serve.