NO SPARE? We’ve got you covered!

Equip your vehicle with the EZ Spare Wheel™, the solution for cars without a spare. This compact, convenient spare is a must-have, providing peace of mind and safety.

Don’t get stranded and Don’t get towed!

Many drivers get stuck waiting for a tow because roadside assistance doesn’t have spares. With the EZ Spare Wheel™, you can eliminate the wait and the worry. Our spare tire fits any car and ensures you’ll be back on the road quickly. Say goodbye to tow trucks and hello to uninterrupted journeys!


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EZ Spare Wheel™ The OEM-Approved Spare Tire Solution

Important Notice

At EZ Spare, we strive to provide high-quality spare wheels and tires that are compatible with your vehicle. However, please note that we cannot guarantee they will fit perfectly into your spare wheel well or storage compartment.

  • Verify Dimensions: We strongly advise you to verify the dimensions of your spare wheel storage location before making a purchase to ensure our spare wheels will fit.
  • Restocking Fee: A restocking fee of $100 will be applied to sales where the spare did not fit in the desired storage area. This fee is necessary because we customize each order for a specific vehicle and must uncustomize each returned spare.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the EZ Spare fit into the wheel well or my spare wheel storage location?

The overall diameter and width of our spare tire are listed on our website. It's important to measure your vehicle's wheel well before purchasing to ensure that our spare tire fits. We cannot guarantee that it will fit in your specific wheel well, as insufficient data is available on popular websites. However, we do guarantee that the spare tire will fit your vehicle itself. Additionally, since many newer vehicles do not have wheel wells, we provide a nylon carrying bag with handles for storing the EZ Spare in your vehicle's trunk area.

Does the EZ Spare Wheel clear my brake calipers?

Our 20-inch spare wheel is designed to accommodate large brake calipers and modern brake systems. It is compatible with AMG, Brembo, or any performance vehicle. It is suitable for vehicles with 18-inch, 19-inch, 20-inch, 21-inch, and 22-inch wheels, depending on the size of the factory tires. Any consumer would be extremely satisfied with this well-designed and safe spare wheel and tire.

Accessories for your Spare

Enhance your roadside preparedness with our selection of top-quality accessories, from tire-changing kits to wheel-carrying bags.

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