EZ Spare Accessories

When the unexpected happens on the road, be prepared with EZ Spare Accessories. Our comprehensive collection includes everything from heavy-duty scissor jacks to protective wheel carrying bags, all designed to provide you with the reliability and convenience needed for any situation.

EZ Spare 2.5 Ton Scissor Jack Kit for roadside tire changes

2.5 Ton Scissor Jack Kit

Ideal for small to medium vehicles, this kit ensures a safe and efficient tire change when you need it most.

3 Ton Car Jack Suitable for any vehicle: sedan, coupe, SUV, MPV, hatchback, crossover, wagon, and more.

3 Ton Scissor Jack Kit

With a higher capacity, this kit provides extra support for larger vehicles, guaranteeing stability and reliability.

EZ Spare Wheel Carrying Bags

Keep your spare in mint condition with our specially designed carrying bags.
Made from high-quality materials, these bags protect your spare tire from the elements while ensuring easy transport.

Our bag, measuring 27.5 x 7 inches, provides a snug fit for your spare wheel, keeping it safe and compact.

Premium spare wheel carrying bag for 17-inch

EZ Spare Wheel carrying bag for a 17″ spare wheel with 27.5 x 7 inches dimensions.

This bag accommodates various spare wheel sizes, including 145/85R18, 155/85R18, and all 20-inch spare wheels and tires.

Premium spare wheel carrying bag for 20-inch

EZ Spare Wheel carrying bag for a 20″ spare wheel with 31 x 8.25 inches dimensions.