Revolutionize Your Tesla with EZ Spare Wheel, Your Ultimate Flat Tire Solution!

Welcome to EZ Spare Wheel for Tesla: Elevate Your Journey with Confidence

At EZ Spare, we are committed to redefining your driving experience, making it smoother, safer, and more convenient. Our innovative spare wheel and tire solution is meticulously designed to integrate with all Tesla models, providing a reliable backup option in the event of a flat tire. Say goodbye to the stress of unexpected breakdowns and hello to uninterrupted journeys.

Why Choose EZ Spare for Your Tesla:

Perfect Fit for Your Tesla: Our spare wheel and tire solution is engineered to match the specific requirements of all Tesla models, ensuring a precise fit and optimal performance.

Uncompromising Safety: EZ Spare Wheel is engineered to exceed OEM specifications for wheel safety. It has successfully undergone rigorous road safety tests by TUV, a globally recognized leader in testing and certification.

Engineered for EVs: Designed to accommodate the unique needs of electric vehicles, our spare wheel and tire solution aligns perfectly with Tesla’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Unmatched Assurance: Backed by a limited lifetime warranty for up to 3 years, our spare wheel and tire solution provides long-lasting reliability. The space-saver tire is also covered for up to 2500 miles, giving you further peace of mind.

EZ Spare Wheel for Tesla Model 3

Our Mission: Empowering Your Tesla Journey

At EZ Spare Wheel, we aim to empower Tesla owners with a reliable flat tire solution that enhances their driving experience. We understand the demands of modern driving, and our spare wheel and tire solution answers unexpected flat tires, ensuring you’re always ready to hit the road with confidence.


EZ Spare Wheel’s engineers rely upon their 25 years of expertise in the wheel industry and the successful deployment of over 600,000 flat tire-no spare installations since 2013 using our superior quality aluminum spare wheels and tires. We also have multiple OEM’s who have tested and approved our spare wheels over the last 9 years, including BMW drivers and Mercedes-Benz drivers to ensure our customers how safe and durable our spare wheels and tires are due to passing rigid wheel testing standards by the world’s leading wheel testing companies.

We match the diameter of our recommended tire size to the specific factory tire size on all of the Tesla models to ensure when recommending a temporary spare tire size, we are well within standard OEM acceptable temporary spare tire diameter variance. We have 4 tires sizes available for Tesla vehicles to be able to match rolling diameters to all of Tesla’s factory tire sizes. We stand behind all of our recommendations and we offer a 100% money back guarantee of our recommendations.

2018-2021 MODEL 3 LONG RANGE

We have provided an example below of how our recommended spare tire sizes match up to the various Tesla model factory tire sizes. These examples have been proven over and over by satisfied Tesla buyers of our high-quality alloy wheel with our compact tires manufactured by a OEM tire manufacturer that has superior quality, load capacity and speed ratings.


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