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Call the 800# Road Side Assistance for a flat tire and they arrange for a tow company. Expect to wait a minimum of 1-3 hours for a tow. They will tow you to a tire store or dealership of your choice. Getting a replacement tire takes several hours. You’ll get a new tire if it is within business hours and the size is in stock. Unfortunately, after hours or a weekend, you will be without a car for several stressful days.

Most towing companies are prohibited from carrying passengers. You’ll need to find a ride, creating another stressful situation besides a damaged flat tire and the wasted hours.

We can fit your vehicle with your own spare wheel and tire and Roadside Assistance can change your flat tire.

With an EZ Spare Wheel in your vehicle, roadside assistance can install it for you using standard tire-changing equipment. Find a replacement tire at your convenience without stress!


Run Flat tires have become THE solution for many vehicle manufacturers. The technology allows the driver to drive on a deflated or punctured tire up to 50 miles at a slower speed.

The technology, however, will not help in the event of a complete blowout or puncture from hitting a curb or pothole. Also, once driven with a puncture, run flat tires must be replaced. Run Flat Tires are more expensive than most other tires, with some brands costing $500.00 and up per tire.

An EZ Spare Wheel allows you to drive regular, less expensive tires on your car and achieve a more balanced and smoother ride than bulky, cumbersome run flat tires.

ez spare wheel run flat tire
ez spare wheel tire inflator


Inflator kits have become vehicle a manufacturers’ solution or substitute for a spare wheel with a tire. Inflator kits are limited in what they can achieve, so the manufacturers often provide a tire sealant to use when the damage is beyond a simple small puncture.

If there is sidewall damage from hitting a curb or pothole, these tools will be of no use, and you will find yourself having to get towed. Experience tells us these sealants can damage tire pressure monitoring systems, typically costing up to $300.

EZ Spare Wheel solutions are the wise choice to count on getting you back on the road quickly and safely every time.