EZ Spare Wheel FAQ

EZ Spare Wheel Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the 17″ EZ Spare fit so many 16″, 17″, 18″ and 19″ wheel vehicles?

The 17″ EZ Spare Wheel with 3 sizes of space saver tires fit thousands of vehicle that have 16″, 17″, 18″ and 19″ wheel/tire sizes because the diameter of the EZ Spare tire is within OEM’s recommended specifications for a temporary spare tire size.

Our 17″ tire sizes match up to thousands of 16″, 17″, 18″ and 19″ OEM tire sizes in overall rolling diameter and fit many of these vehicles perfectly. We recommend calling us, emailing, or using tiresize.com to compare the recommended EZ Spare tire size to the vehicles tire size. If there is ANY question as to the appropriate size recommended for any vehicle. It should not be assumed our 17″ wheel does not fit your 16″, 17″, 18″ or 19″ wheel vehicle, this is not an accurate assumption, proven by tire size diameters.

Will having the spare tire affect the handling of the vehicle?

All the many driving tests we performance on many brands resulted in no significant handling issues. With the matching up tire sizes to the EZ Spare tire sizes we confirm the rolling diameters are within OEM specs and will not cause any adverse reactions to the vehicle drive train or ABS system.

What is the distance and maximum speed the EZ Spare should be driven?

It is recommended to drive at a speed of 55 mph and no more than 50-75 miles (which is the average for temporary tires), with the 17″ space saver tires and normal speeds and up to 200 miles with the 20″ wheel/tire. The wheel and tire, while both are very safe, are meant to be a temporary solution.

Will the EZ Spare fit into the wheel well in my trunk that is underneath the carpeted area?

Our spare tire overall diameter and width is listed on our website. It is important to measure the vehicles wheel well prior to purchasing to ensure our spare fits. There is not enough data listed on popular websites for us to determine if it fits in a specific wheel well, therefore we do not guarantee this trunk or wheel well will fit, however we do guarantee the spare will fit on your vehicle itself. Also, many newer vehicles do not have wheel wells, hence we provide a nylon carrying bag with handles for you to store the EZ Spare in the back of your vehicle’s trunk area.

What is the maximum load capacity of the wheel and tire?

EZ Spare 15″ 1433lbs – 650kg each per wheel/tire

EZ Spare 17″ 1650lbs – 750kg each per wheel/tire

EZ Spare 20″ 2100lbs – 950kg each per wheel/tire

How much does the wheel and tire weigh together?

EZ Spare 15″ 30 lbs.

EZ Spare 17″ 38-44 lbs.

EZ Spare 20″ 56 lbs.

Does the EZ Spare have caliper clearance on all vehicles?

All Universal EZ Spare Wheels have been specially designed to clear the caliper and have the maximum clearance, however, make sure the correct size wheel size was chosen from the EZ Spare website or APP. If the vehicle has larger than normal brake calipers, email or call us with your vehicle info including tire size, and we will recommend the appropriate spare to purchase.

Is a PCD the same as the bolt pattern size on my vehicle?

PCD stands for Pitch Circle Diameter and is the diameter of the circle that passes by the center of the bolts. A PCD means the same thing as a bolt pattern size. All EZ Spares shipped to a retail customer have been customized with the correct PCD bolt circle diameter or bolt pattern to fit the specific vehicle indicated when placing an order with us.

Has the EZ Spare been tested and approved for use on highways and all roads?

Yes, the Universal EZ Spare Wheel has been tested by leading OEM wheel testing companies in both Europe and the US. Both laboratories confirmed the wheels’ safety and durability.

Is the Universal EZ Spare Patented?

Yes, the Easy Fit System has a worldwide patent. This system allows the wheel to fit on hundreds of thousands of makes and models of vehicles.

Will the EZ Spare fit fleet vans and pick-up trucks?

Yes, if they are 5 lug pattern vehicles but always check the EZ Spare fitment guid app or website to make sure the wheel fits the specific year, make and model of the van or truck. It is important to not exceed the approved load capacity of the wheel and tire. Most vans and trucks require our 20-inch wheel with a full-size tire. If the App states “not available” we do not have a current size or bolt pattern to fit that vehicle.

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